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Cherokee Proves She’s Still A ‘Goddess’

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It’s been years since we last heard from singer/songwriter/model Cherokee. Now it seems the Brooklyn-born beauty is more energized than ever and is ready to once again take the music industry by storm, inspiring us all in the process. For her new single “Goddess,” she celebrates her own feminine allure and provides the soundtrack for the rest of us to do the same. In a confident and captivating tone she sings, “Nails on fleek / Mind so deep / Yoni pure sweet / This brown suga treat / Tell me, are you hungry for me / ‘Cause I’mma drop it like a goddess.” Though she’s totally clear about the type of adult playtime she has in mind, she cautions her lover not to get things twisted. She keeps the same energy but is a bit more direct as she declares, “Yo! Don’t be doing nothing trashy / Can’t be showing off my ass see / I love nudity but classy / I keep it sexy and sassy / And when a king walks past me / He’ll know a goddess when he pass me.”

The funky, sexy nature of the track comes as no surprise, as it was always clear that Cherokee had no problem owning her sexuality. Her debut album, I Love You…Me, released back in 1999, first revealed her ability to entice while the sultry video for her smoldering single “I Swear” punctuated that sentiment in 2009. This latest release is right on time, especially in the wake up the #MeToo movement when women everywhere are taking back their power. Judging from her new Facebook and Instagram pages, she too is recovering all that got lost in industry fluff, as she’s transitioned back from her Sugar Mama Cherry moniker and seems to have plenty up her sleeve. While there’s no official announcement, a comment on her ReverbNation page hints at the release of an EP this month and under her YouTube lyric video she notes that an official video for this latest offering is on the way.

Tap into your inner “Goddess” and check out Cherokee’s new single right here and stay tuned for more from her.

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